Community Update We Need You!

Purpose Of This Thread

> Why is this so important? <
A thread where ANY idea, as big or as small as you desire, can be held where players' intentions can be found easily and clearly. This should ensure there are no hiccups regarding development and what you, the community, wants from the server.

> What do we want to gather from this? <
We want everything. Any sort of input or suggestion that you genuinely feel will benefit the server and the player base. Here's a list of things that can be used as a reference point:

  • Ranks // New features. Pricing. Additional ranks. Kits. Donor bonuses. etc.
  • Plugins // What plugins would you like to see added to Shadowblockz?
  • Events // What sort of events would you like to see in the near future? (spleef, building, pvp, etc.)
  • Dungeons // How frequently would you like to see a dungeon being released? Themes. etc.
  • Discord (probably best to talk there, link is here) // Bots. Roles. Permissions. Level Rewards. Etc.
  • Store // What would you be willing to spend money on? Boosters. Crates. Particles. Pets. Etc.
  • Voting // Vote rewards; how can they be improved? Double vote rewards every so often?
  • Website // Trophies. Leaderboards. Wiki. New Ratings. Etc.
  • Forum Content // Showcases. Competitions. Frequent community updates. Etc.
Please feel free to discuss things that are not on this list, this is purely for inspiration.


1st: TheWolf725 - £25 Store Voucher
2nd: SlyPrince - £20 Store Voucher
3rd: MineCacuAKD - £15 Store Voucher
4th: Harryimp - £10 Store Voucher

Winners should contact @DJNinjaCrash via Private Messages on the forums to receive your voucher over the next few days.
Votes have now been reset!
Towns Reset - Map 3
After the transition period of shadowblockz becoming a single server instead of a network, we promised a reset for the Towns server! Now that it's been a solid six months since the last Towns reset, it's time.

Some of the changes included in this reset:

  • Christmas themed spawn!
  • Slight changes to shop prices
  • New Towns world with Custom Biomes (You will need to work to build towns now)
  • New marriage system
  • New backpacks to replace bigger enderchests (No more bugs)
  • New towns world map on the website
  • 170+ new quests, given from the Quest Master at spawn
  • 70+ new Custom Enchants to replace the mythic drop system
  • New crates with rewards
  • New resource world! This is a small world for gathering resources and will reset every 1-2 months. Not claimable with towny, and PVP enabled everywhere.
  • New Player Market! Rent a stall for 30 days to setup your playershops
  • New anticheat, optimized for the latest version of Minecraft

We have in advanced, generated the entirety of the Towns world and Resource world. This should improve performance for the server. However, there still may be small performance hiccups and bugs during the first week or two of the servers release. If you find any bugs, please report them in the bugs section of the website HERE.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Shadowblockz!
We are planning to release the new towns reset TOMORROW December 24th. A full post describing the changes made within the reset will be posted once the server has been released, we'll let you know on all social media accounts and on discord.

Thank you for waiting.
Over this weekend we're going to be experiencing downtime with both the server and the website. This is partly due to us resetting Towns, however it's also due to us having issues with our hosting providers.

We hope to have this fixed by the end of the weekend in time for christmas!
Community Update Hello, Community!
Hello, just a small update regarding the server and its future.

As some are aware, I have been granted the the role of Community Manager. With said role, I am responsible for gathering community feedback, managing Shadowblockz's Discord server (Link can be found here), organising events and acting as the general face of the community.

The server has seen better days, yes. But with the introduction of new staff, comes fresh motivation. With this motivation injected into discussion and development, I can assure you things are coming SOON. The team and I have been throwing around ideas for future events, resets, crate reworks and so much more (I promise). As of yet there is no set date for anything, on the plus side this means we are taking community feedback like never before, so I kindly ask if you have anything constructive to say please feel free to do so!

I hope you all understand why the server is the way it is, thank you for your time.

Server is currently down due to technical issues. Patience is key my friends :)