The Towns lottery has now re-opened it's doors for the fourth week of July!

You can enter the lottery by joining the Towns server and executing the '/lottery' command. Tickets cost $50,000 each and you can purchase up to 5 tickets. We remind you that entering with alt accounts is not allowed, and anyone doing so will be caught and will be disqualified from the lottery.

The next lottery draw will happen on Saturday July 29th 2017​
Update Towns 1.12
The Towns server is now fully updated to 1.12! Please report any bugs in the 'Report Bugs section of the forums.

The lottery re-opens on Monday for a new week!​
Update Towns Lottery
As requested, a Lottery has now been added to the Towns Server! The lottery is a way for players to win $1,000,000+ every week! The lottery will be a weekly system, which will give players time to enter and will give the jackpot time to rise. Each player can purchase up to five lottery tickets, and each lottery ticket costs $50,000.

The basic scheduling for the Lottery will be as follows:
Monday - Lottery Opens
Friday Night - Lottery Closes
Saturday - Lottery Draw (Announcement on the website)
Sunday - Lottery Cool-Off Day

We implemented the system in the easiest most user-friendly way possible... A GUI!


You can buy lottery tickets, view what the current jackpot is and view how many tickets you have right from the menu '/lottery'.

On Saturday the lottery draw will occur, this will be in the form of an announcement on the forums. There will be visual proof of the winner being selected so you can be certain everything is done fairly.

Good Luck!
On Saturday @AxewarriorRBLX ran a Building Event on Creative! You can find out more about the event in the official event post HERE. The theme for the event was "Farm". After a successful event with some interesting buildings the judges have come to their conclusion!

1st Place: Hotline_Panda
Prize: 1,500 Tokens


2nd Place: caleyt
Prize: 1,000 Tokens


3rd Place: tictac09
Prize: 750 Tokens


We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the event, we hope to hold more events in the near future for the community to enjoy!