We have finished updating the website to run the latest XenForo (1.3.4). This should fix a few bugs here and there within the website. If you find any, please post them on the forums in our "Bug Reports" section.

We are currently in the process of re-designing / updating the theme on the website, this should also fix a few bugs that have been occurring.


+ Improved Lobby System
+ Fixed teleportation bug
+ Improved in-game scoreboards
+ Added more sounds
+ Updated to our new MiniGame framework
Note: Map will be randomly selected every time the server reboots.
1. cappe92
2. Mr_Diamond_11
3. Fadom14

Message me here on the website so I can send you your reward!

Votes have now been reset!

At the end of this month, 5 people will be randomly selected from the list of voters. These 5 people will be either given VIP for free, or a free upgrade. The more times you vote, the more times your name get's entered, although being the #1 voter does not mean you'll definitely win.

If you haven't noticed yet, the ranks on Shadowblockz have changed, but the perks haven't.
We have changed our old donor ranks from: VIP, Premium, Platinum, Elite, Supreme, Ultimate.
To: VIP, Premium, Elite, MVP.

1. If you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks Mojang are going to be enforcing their EULA on August 1st, meaning we will have to remove some donor perks. Having 4 donor ranks instead of 6 means we'll be able to give each rank more exclusive perks. Before, the higher ranks only had a few more features than the lower ranks. From now on things will be more even so the higher ranks will have more exclusive features, just like the lower ranks.
2. Managing each group will become easier.
3. The whole system is cleaner.

Once again, I would like to say that you should have the same perks as you did before, with one or two exceptions. All we've done is merge Supreme and Ultimate into MVP, and split Platinum into Elite and Premium. All Supreme and Ultimate members have been given MVP, and all Platinum members have been given Elite (Free rank upgrade!).

We'll be having a 10% off sale until Monday to make up for these changes if anyone's upset

If you have any questions or issues regarding ranks please contact our support email: [email protected]

Other News & Upcoming updates:
  • I've been working on fixing bugs within the MiniGames, if you find any bugs be sure to post them on the forums!
  • Pet's and Particle effects will be added to the Hub(s) soon! Normal members will be able to buy up to 2 of the pets available (Not Confirmed), donor's will unlock even more depending on the rank they have. Some pets will be only obtainable through special events that happen on the server. Particle effects will be a donor exclusive feature. More information about this will be posted on the forums nearer the release date.
  • We will be slowly migrating the KitPVP economy system over to our Gold Economy System. This means you will be using Gold to buy items and enchantments, and you will be paying each other with Gold. But don't worry, you will be able to convert all your normal in-game cash into Gold so you won't lose a thing.
  • The website is being redesigned and will be updated over the next few weeks, these may or may not be "huge" changes, you'll have to wait and see.
  • The shop on Towns will be public soon!
  • More news and updates coming soon!

Thank You, and have a great evening / day.
- DJNinjaCrash & The Shadowblockz Staff
--EDIT: Maintenance Finished--

As many of you know Skyblock has been experiencing a ton of bugs over the past few weeks, unfortunately we are unable to fix these bugs without breaking everything else on the Skyblock server.

We will be resetting / performing maintenance on Skyblock on Saturday 7th June 2014.

+ New Spawn
+ New Starting Island Design
+ Newly configured statistics and island management system
+ Increasing the distance between each island
+ Fixing mob spawning bugs
+ Fixing protection bugs
+ Auctions
+ and much more!

- Old Skyblock world including all islands
- All player data and inventories
- Bugs
- The Skyblock Economy will be wiped and reset

We are unable to say how long it will take / how long it will be offline for, we will keep you update on all social networks and here on the website.