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Another update has been launched today, this time it's to do with Dungeons and Quests on the Towns server! I'm happy to announce that District 2 is now playable on Towns.

All of the NPC's in DragonBorn have been renamed to what we think, are better names (including skins). The reason for this is so future quests can tie in with each other. We have also changed the way players interact with the NPC's. Previously you would interact with NPC's using a GUI however now the GUI's have been removed and replaced with a chat system. We feel this system is more appropriate for the quests and makes it actually look like the NPC characters are talking to you. A NPC in chat can be identified by the red '(!)' symbol before their name.


With the release of the second district, eighteen new NPC characters have been added to DragonBorn, fourteen of which have quests you can complete to earn more quest points. These new NPC's and Quests have the same system as described above.

A lot of changes have occurred with dungeons however a large majority of it has been changes behind the scenes that you may not notice. With that said, a lot of bugs that were occurring in dungeons before have been fixed so you can battle through the dungeons without interruption from bugs.

One of the more noticeable changes however is that there are now leaderboards for each dungeon on Towns! Leaderboard ranking is based off how quickly you completed the dungeon, but also displays information such as how many kills you got and how many kills your team got overall. These can be viewed HERE in the leaderboards section of the website, an in-game leaderboard will be added soon.

Another noticeable change with dungeons is how deaths are handled. You used you lose your items when you die when battling a dungeons. However now, you will keep your items ONLY if your team has lives left. When your team runs out of lives, you will lose your items when you die.

We've also added the second dungeon to Towns! (Forgotten Depths). This dungeon steps up the difficulty from the first dungeon, and has been classed as "Normal" difficulty. You can expect different tiers of monsters, and a larger boss battle. You can take your chances in the dungeon after completing all the quests in the second district of the DragonBorn. The dungeon like the first, has an eighteen hour cooldown.


Please remember, that although District 2 has opened it's doors dungeons are unlocked when you have the required...
After being requested by the community elevators have been added to the Towns server! Elevators allow you to jump between floors within your structures instead of taking the long route of stairs or slow water elevators. Elevators will require some materials and crafting which is shown below.

To craft a single elevator block you will need eight wool of any colour, and an enderpearl. You can use different coloured wool, however this will create a different coloured elevators. Elevator blocks will only work with other elevator blocks of the same colour.

The space between the two elevator blocks must not be obstructed by any other blocks, and the maximum distance between the two blocks can be no bigger than 32 blocks. To move up and down between floors stand on the elevator block and either crouch to go down a floor, or jump to go up a floor. An example can be seen in the below GIF.
Community Update A little update
Its been quite a while since I've addressed the community, however there is much to be discussed.
Firstly, following the swift completion of the KitPvP map, i'd like to take the chance to congratulate the entire build team. The map looks great and now development work can begin on the actual server, ahead of its planned September release (Looking at you @DJNinjaCrash ). I'd like to extend the congratulations to @Sherlock Holmes , who will be receiving her official title of Admin following the excellent coordination of this project.

With the second half of this update i'd like to address another matter. A member of our team has been removed from his position due to his failure to work in cooperation with our rules and values. Whilst his lack of commitment in recent times has not been ideal, he has still dedicated many hours to this team, and for that we should all be thankful. However, his removal from the team was far from unjustified. Many occurrences of conclusive evidence point towards him abusing his powers and harassing other players. This behaviour is not something we tolerate.

Overall i'd like to thank the community for being patient with us, as we're working hard on so much stuff for you right now, and hope you can look forward to more content in the near future.