You may have all noticed the server being offline a lot over the past few days, this is due to the outdated hardware our current host provided us with. We have decided it's best to move to a more reliable host so for the next 1 - 2 hours we will be transferring everything over to the new set of servers.

Server back online
It should no longer crash / go offline randomly.
Due to us being unable to handle the amount of applications flooding in, we have reset the Staff Application forum. This will allow us to keep up with the amount of Staff Applications being posted meaning we'll be able to respond quicker!

If you did not receive a reply on your application you may repost it.
Please remember to read the Application Format as it will help you layout your application and will greatly impact your chances.
We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, the network may go offline from time to time.

We are working on it.
A quick post to inform everyone that there may be downtime on the 12th February.
This downtime will only last a maximum of 1 hour.

The reason for this downtime is, we're moving hosts.

More information will be posted after we've finished moving.

EDIT: We have now moved all our servers to new dedicated machines. Lag / latency may have improved for most people.
It's the end of January, so it's time to announce the top voters of January 2014!

1. pavlos880
2. Bearj275
3. Epical_Legend

Message me here on the website so I can send you your reward!

Votes have now been reset!

(And have been fixed on some servers)