Today I bring news that may be sad for some, the reduction of the amount of server on Shadowblockz. Due to funding issues, we have to (temporarily) remove two servers from the network. As voted by the community in our latest Poll and after discussing this with the community on Discord, these servers will be Factions & KitPVP.

This may only be temporary depending on the revenue generated by Shadowblockz, however for now Factions and KitPVP have been deactivated. In the event we have the funds to run these two servers again everything will be exactly the way you left it.

It will be sad to say goodbye (temporarily) to KitPVP, however there are upsides to this. Due to the reduction of servers content can be focused more intensely on the fewer amount of servers, meaning there'll be more content more frequently. It also means there'll be more players on such servers to chat to, instead of servers being empty. Finally, it means that more performance can be assigned to the servers so you may feel an increase in performance on Towns and a lower chance of possible downtime.

Towns was recently voted the communities favourite server, so we will be focusing our efforts on new content and improvements to Towns. If you have any suggestions or bug reports please report them on the forums.

It's time to introduce a new Rank to the Shadowblockz Store! As can be predicted from the previous naming convention used, the new rank will be called "MVP+". This rank is an improvement on the previous MVP rank and provides players with various perks and kits across all servers in the network. We're hoping to treat this new rank as a fundraiser to keep Shadowblockz alive, so if the thought of a shiny new rank interests you be sure to take advantage of the Spring 40% OFF Sale!

If you're a first time buyer, you can purchase MVP+ from our store on the Ranks page.
If you already have a rank, you can upgrade your rank to MVP+ on our Upgrade page.

You can view all the perks for MVP+ and all the other ranks on our Rank Chart, put together by @GummieBear047.

Please take note that as with all ranks when they're introduced, more perks will be added over the upcoming weeks. When purchasing a rank you only have make a single purchase, then you'll have the rank forever and be given any perks we add in the future. As the majority of our players are currently playing on the new Towns 2.0 server, there are more perks for Towns than other servers. More perks will be added to other servers if/when they gain popularity. We thank all our donors for supporting Shadowblockz and keeping us alive.
After the devastating war that occurred last week resulting in many towns being blown to pieces, both the spawn town of Highlanders and Dragonborn were ripped from the previous world to form a brand new world! I present to you, the creation of Towns 2.0.

We want to make the Towns server on Shadowblockz our #1 priority. It will be the main server on the network we will be focusing on and we're aiming to release regular updates which will include new content every 1-2 weeks. Additionally, we will be running regular events on the Towns server.

With the reset, plenty of new content has been added. Along with the brand new 15,000x15,000 world for you to build in and explore.

New features include:
  • A fixed economy
  • New Overworld
  • New Nether world
  • New End World
  • Quests & Quest world
  • Dungeons
  • Custom Mobs for Dungeons
  • Improved Portals
  • Improved Combat Tagging
  • New enderchest system
  • Better death messages
  • Performance improvements to Lockette
  • Better random teleportation system
  • New Mythic Drops
  • Performance Improvements including automatic reboots
  • New Sockets for Mythic Drops
  • Donors have bigger enderchest sizes
  • MVP's are able to instantly teleport

We look forward to adding new content over the next 1-2 weeks! Stay Tuned!
Please report any bugs you find in the Bug Report section of the forums.
Towns will be resetting on Sunday! (Sunday 4th June).
The Towns server will experience downtime on Sunday as we release Towns 2.0. The Towns server will have a bunch of new never seen before features, and a brand new custom terrain world for everyone to build in! The full details of the reset (including all the new features and alterations) will be posted upon Towns 2.0 being released, so make sure to check back on Sunday.
Competition Top Voters - May 2017

1st: JaimyPower15 - £25 Voucher
2nd: _Vern - £20 Voucher
3rd: echo320 - £15 Voucher
4th: _W0lfey_ - £15 Voucher

Send me a private message (on the forums) to receive your store vouchers.

This month the Top Voters will be given Token Rewards as oppose to store vouchers. So if you want anything from the store, you should take advantage of our Spring Sales.

Votes have now been reset!