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Towns will be resetting on Sunday! (Sunday 4th June).
The Towns server will experience downtime on Sunday as we release Towns 2.0. The Towns server will have a bunch of new never seen before features, and a brand new custom terrain world for everyone to build in! The full details of the reset (including all the new features and alterations) will be posted upon Towns 2.0 being released, so make sure to check back on Sunday.
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1st: JaimyPower15 - £25 Voucher
2nd: _Vern - £20 Voucher
3rd: echo320 - £15 Voucher
4th: _W0lfey_ - £15 Voucher

Send me a private message (on the forums) to receive your store vouchers.

This month the Top Voters will be given Token Rewards as oppose to store vouchers. So if you want anything from the store, you should take advantage of our Spring Sales.

Votes have now been reset!
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Over the next two weeks players on the Towns server will be making the move to a brand new world. Due to this, fallout has occurred between nation leaders. The mists of war has now fallen upon the Towns world in an all-out battle and grief-a-thon before the move happens.

When will it start?
Start: Sunday 21st May 2017 @ 12:00 BST
End: ???

What does it involve?
All claimed land will be unclaimed.
PVP, fire and explosions will be forcefully enabled throughout the server.
Top performers during the war may get bonus rewards.

This is in preparation for a Towns Reset which will be happening during the next two weeks. We'll make a post nearer the time addressing the reset.
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The friends system on Shadowblockz has been updated, the update has however meant we've had to clear Friends Lists so the new features can be added. This means, you'll have to re-add your friends.
We apologise for any inconvenience, but we hope you have fun with the new Friends features.

Some of the new features include:
  • Sorting your Friends List
  • Adding "favourites"
  • Private Mode
  • More options to mute notifications
  • You can now set a Status for your friends to see