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*A transmission is coming in, you accept it and see a Empire Officer come on the screen*


The Empire needs mercenaries. We only need the best, and are willing to pay Galactic Credits (tokens) to those of whom are victors. We have set up four mock bases with special codes inside. We implore all those interested to stay around. On a set time, we will be releasing the galactic coordinated to those four bases. If you DO raid a base, send the coordinates here: []

Each base has a special code and the first four people who raid those bases, and send the codes to us, will be able to participate in a large raid against the Rebel Scum.

On the time listed below, we will be releasing the position and coordinates to these four bases.

The date is Saturday 22:00 Central Coruscant Time. Or:

May 13th At 2PM CST, or 3PM EST, 7PM GMT and 8PM BST.

We are offering lots of money for special codes within the Rebel base, however we will also offer a small advance payment to those who raid the four Rebel bases. A payment of 120 Galactic Credits (or 120 tokens) will be offered to each that can supply a base code. Then whoever can raid the larger Rebel base gets 2000 Galactic Credits (2000 tokens.)

We will speak later. Your service to the Emperor is well appreciated.

* Transmission ends. *


The time is: May 13th At 2PM CST, or 3PM EST, 7PM GMT and 8PM BST.

If you raid a base, send the code you get here: []

Prizes are: Smaller base: 120 tokens. Rebel base (big ol trucker): 2000 tokens.

Rules are:

  1. Follow all SBN Rules
  2. No Wings (Sorry peoples)
  3. Can only be one person from each small base, even if more than one raided or helped
  4. If two people send me the same code, whoever sent it first gets the spot. Sorry.
  5. No signup or anything required.
Post any questions below! Enjoy, and May The Fourth Be With You All Always!
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1st: echo320 - £25 Voucher
2nd: _Vern - £20 Voucher
3rd: JaimyPower15 - £15 Voucher
4th: SlyPrince - £15 Voucher

Send me a private message (on the forums) to receive your store vouchers.
Votes have now been reset!
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Over the past few days there have been reports of items disappearing from enderchests on Factions. In order to fix this issue we need to swap the system powering enderchests, however doing so will result in all players losing the items they currently have in their enderchest. We do not want this to happen, however the only way to prevent players losing items is to ask everyone to remove their items from their enderchest so we can fix the item disappearance bug.

This Means:
All players that play on the Factions server on Shadowblockz MUST empty everything out of their enderchest by Monday 24th April 20:00 BST.

On Monday 24th April at 20:00 BST we will be effectively resetting all enderchests on Factions in order to fix the bug. So we encourage everyone who has valuable items in their enderchest to empty it out into a normal chest by the time specified.

We will NOT be held responsible for any loses if you refuse to acknowledge this warning, meaning we will not be giving any refunds for any loses. So please, tell your friends.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused, we assure you that this process will be worthwhile as it will stop your items disappearing from enderchests.

Thank you for understanding :)

Enderchests on Factions have been reset!
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The way death messages work on Factions have now been changed so players can have a further insight into how players died. When a player dies you will now be able to click on the killer's name or the name of the person who died to view their inventory. Players are also coloured in death messages now in correlation to relationships between factions. Examples can be seen below.


Player inventory snapshots are only able to be viewed for 60 seconds after the death happens.

Death Messages can still be toggled by running the command: /deaths or /deathmessages​