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I gotta own my mistake. I straight up forgot to do the bi-weekly. I was too focused on


This was a quick update, and a lot of bugs are still being exterminated. If you do find any bugs, feel free to either start a conversation with any staff members, or make a post under “Bugs.”

Information on the reset, including new things, can be found here. (http://shadowblockz.com/threads/factions-reset.11347/unread)

Another thing that happened recently was the completion of the King’s Castles! Event. GraciePoPo came in first place with a massive stunning mansion. It blew away the judges. Everyone who competed had a wonderful time, and sadly it was their last. It was my last event personally.

We hope you all welcome @instinct to his new position as Moderator! He has been quite the help as it seems his ability to enforce the rules is exceptional! This change was made last night.

That is all the news that has happened. Hope you all enjoy the new factions reset. See you again in one week and 6 days!
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Ever wanted to add your own personal twist to our KitPvP server?
We are allowing you to do just that!

Event Description & Information:

Team up with your friends, if you so desire, and create a monument for all in the KitPvP realm to see. A monument to stand above the rest, tall and proud, as a community symbol for what we stand for. Whether strategically useful or aesthetically pleasing, the community is what you make it!

Our definition of a ‘monument’ is a small building/structure that will be somewhere in the KitPvP map after the event has been judged. It is not to have too much impact on gameplay, but should definitely be noticeable and decorative. You (and your team members) skull and name will accompany the build, so all Kit PvP players can show their admiration for your talent.

This event will be taking place on our creative server (/server Creative) on Saturday the 15th 7 pm BST until Sunday the 16th 7 pm BST (more time zones are listed later on in the thread). Essentially, you and your partner (if you choose to have one) will be given these 24 hours to plan, create and polish your build. During that time the plot will be accessible to you and your other team member (if you’re building a team). - more info to be released regarding plots.
Builds will then be judged by the staff team, to try and avoid as much bias as possible. Staff members that are participating in the event will be forbidden from judging, as we are aiming for the fairest decision possible. After judging has taken place, our lovely owner will add your token rewards and, of course, your monument to the KitPvP server!

All creations will be viewed (unless disqualified) with the top prize gaining their build in the KitPvP arena! Other prizes will also be distributed to the 2nd and 3rd places. Read below for more information about prizes.

Please note that to join the Creative server, you must be running the latest version of Minecraft, but you may only build with 1.8 blocks (more information in the Rules section). Worldedit will be disabled for the entirety of the event. We’d prefer for players to build ‘old-school’ style - we’re not expecting big builds from y’all so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue anyway.

We aim to post results and a brief wrap-up roughly 2 hours after the event ends.

You may sign up by yourself or in teams of two
*Please Note* If you are playing in a team, only one team member needs to sign-up for both of you, please be sure to include both IGNs.

Sign up at the following link:



1st » 3500 Tokens (or 1750 each if playing in teams of two) to use anywhere on the Shadowblockz network and their monument placed somewhere on the KitPvP server!

2nd » 2500 Tokens (or 1250 each if playing in teams of two) to use anywhere on the Shadowblockz network.

3rd » 1500 Tokens (or 750 each if playing in teams of two) to use anywhere on the Shadowblockz network.


Builds may not contain any signs, skulls, chests/enderchests, lava, or 1.9+ blocks/items.
Builds may not contain any inappropriate structures that we would generally punish for (use common sense).
All Shadowblockz rules that would normally apply will be in effect. You can find a full list of official Shadowblockz rules at the following link: http://shadowblockz.com/threads/server-rules.1278
Builds are to be original, and your own work. If it is proven that you are breaking this rule, you and your teammate will be disqualified from the event immediately.

Time Conversions:

If you’re wondering when this event will be taking place in your time zone, look no further as we have compiled a list of a few time zones for your convenience:

GMT » Saturday the 15th - Sunday the 16th, 6 pm.
EST » Saturday the 15th - Sunday the 16th, 2 pm.
CST » Saturday the 15th - Sunday the, 16th, 1 pm.

This is designed to be a more casual event with no check-in required, I hope you all enjoy yourselves!

Good luck and happy building!

- Harvey/Pizza ~ Admin & Event Manager
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It's time for Factions to reset. With the reset, are a bunch of improvements and new features along with a brand new map to conquer!
Factions is now fully 1.8 so you can except the best legacy combat mechanics!
(Versions above 1.8 will still be supported)

The factions server is now host to "Map 2" (The new Factions Map). The world border for this map is set to 15,000 blocks in the overworld, 8,000 blocks for the nether and 8,000 blocks for the end. As requested, we have altered the world border to visually display the border instead of it being invisible.

Custom Enchantments are one of the large features of Factions however they were rather buggy and were not used to their full potential. This is why we have replaced it with a new system. There are now 87+ custom enchantments that you can apply to your tools, weapons and armour! Additionally, there's now a better system for applying the enchantments to such items. This system can be found at /warp enchant in the form of NPC's.

Unlike previous resets, VIP/VIP+/MVP players will be able to claim the bonus they received on Factions upon buying their rank meaning you get the most out of your money! You can claim your bonus on Factions by running /claimdonor (You will only be able to this once every time the server has a reset).

Bounties have been added to Factions! Is there someone you have a grudge against? Someone raid your base? You can now place a bounty on their head offering bounty hunters a cash reward. The system has been ported over from the KitPVP server so it acts the same way.

Leaderboards have been improved for Factions which will provide much more competitive gameplay. The new /ftop command will rank Factions based upon block value within their territory. The value of a Faction will increase based on blocks such as Gold Blocks, Diamond Blocks, Spawners and more. A leaderboard for /ftop and more leaderboards such as player stats will be accessible on the website soon.

Achievements have finally made their way onto Factions, over 60 new achievements in fact! Now only do you get the achievement for your Shadowblockz profile, but you will now earn tokens every time you earn an achievement which you can spend in the token shop! The achievement system can be accessed through your server profile by running /profile.

Better help is in place for new players! Mr. Helper can help new players with a range of features on the server at spawn. Not only that, but the Help building contains walls of TIPs to help even the old players. This can all be found at /warp help.

More has been changed, however we encourage everyone who has an interest in Factions to check it out themselves. :)
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Factions Reset

Factions will be resetting on: Friday 7th April (late afternoon BST)

What's being reset?:
  • The Map.
  • All player data (includes inventories, enderchests etc.).
  • All factions and server stats.

What's not being reset?:
  • Ranks bought by players (faction bonuses that come with ranks will be reclaimable).

More information on the Factions reset including all the new features being added, all the bugs that have been fixed, and all the alterations to the current systems on Factions will be posted tomorrow when the reset takes place.