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3rd April - 16th April

20% OFF Crates
25% OFF Ranks and Upgrades
25% OFF Everything else!

by AstroPizza at 9:23 PM
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As another tournament draws to a close I must once again thank all of you for just being pure… Awesome! It’s great to be able to hold events knowing that others will enjoy them. Huge thank you to all that turned up today.

And with another tournament comes another winner. So we thought. Punishermatty fights through his foes to become #1 yet again. Although both appdisplay and JustBatmanFTW tried their hardest… Only one could prevail in the end.
(Final bracket:http://challonge.com/ShadowblockzLiftOff)

But don’t give up!

I sense more tournaments are just around the corner. And with new faces appearing all the time, it’s anybody's game. Winners can’t stay winners forever. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Dj and the build team’s hard work. Please be sure to thank them on whatever platform you see them on. they're the ones that make this all possible.

If you wish to leave feedback please do so below:
I look forward to seeing you all next time <3

~ Harvey/Pizza ~ Admin & EventManager
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1st: echo320 - £25 Voucher
2nd: CooldamianXD - £20 Voucher
3rd: _Vern - £15 Voucher
4th: Cookie_guy4477 - £15 Voucher

Send me a private message (on the forums) to receive your store vouchers.
Votes have now been reset!
by Britland at 3:17 AM
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Hello, all!

Before we get to the good juicy parts, I just wanted to mention that this is indeed my last event. With Pizza’s new role as event manager, I won’t be doing any more events.

Now on to the event related stuff. Firstly, I want to congratulate all the dedicated people, who worked very hard to create the best work they could. It turned out wonderfully.

I want to give an honorable mention to Minehero and Fluffy, as they were 1 point away from making it a tie for third place. Close one you guys.

Now onto the final results.

1st: GraciePoPo - 3000 Tokens.

2nd: Wither255 - 2000 Tokens

3rd: lowennaw and Caleyt - 1000 Tokens

If you'd like to take a look at GraciePoPo's build, you can have a look at the following images:
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

For privacy reasons, I won’t be releasing who gave who what scores. I don’t want anyone to have their feelings hurt.

Other then that, hope you all enjoyed the friendly competition. Have a good day!

(PS: Like this post for a free cookie, no scam.)