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Welcome one and all to ‘Lift Off.’ Our 2nd official KitPvP tournament for 2017.

After a very successful first tournament, it is time to once more wield your swords in the arena.
Didn’t perform to your best ability last time? Want to prove you do have what it takes?
Now is your time!

This tournament will be happening on April 1st - no it’s not a joke - at 7pm BST (19:00)

Ideally, we would like to have a similar length to the last tournament (max 2 hours)
Like always, we will be having a check-in 15 minutes before the start: 6:45 pm BST
If you do not turn up to check-in your name will be removed from the bracket.

For comparison of other main time zones, this tournament will be taking place at:
EST - Saturday, 1 April 14:00 (2pm)
AEST - Sunday, 2 April 04:00 (4am)
PST - Saturday, 1 April 11:00 (11am)
EEDT - Saturday, 1 April 21:00 (9pm)

A countdown clock till the start of the tournament can be seen here:

All participants will be required to follow all current rules as well as:
1) No backseat gaming (telling others tactical info a person could not otherwise gather without your help)
2) No bribing/blackmailing your or others opponent(s)

To sign-up please do so here:


Prot 2 Diamond Chestplate & Leggins
Prot 3 Diamond Helmet
Prot 3 Gold Boots {Every tournament will now be represented with a different armor piece}
Sharp 2 iron sword
Power 1 bow
1 speed(I) pot
8 arrows
16 steak
1 Golden Apple
*All armor will have unbreaking X*

1st << 4000 tokens £10 store voucher
2nd << 2500 tokens £10 store voucher
3rd << 1500 tokens

(Unless we have an overwhelming amount of sign-ups.)
We will be, like before, doing a single elimination bracket.
The bracket of which can be found here:
*Bracket will be randomized on the day of the tournament.*

I wish you all the very best of luck!

Harvey/Pizza ~ Admin & Event Manager
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First of all, I want to sincerely apologize for missing last update. I was on vacation. We went to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and Phoenix Arizona.

On to the updates.

Between when I left, and the last update Tokens was released. It feels like it was a while ago, but it wasn’t :) You can claim tokens weekly, and daily in the Hub. Then, tokens can be used to buy keys for the numerous servers. This has been a long-awaited thing and is working wonderfully now that it is here.

With the introduction of the new keys and crates however, this means old “legacy” crates were removed. All those old voting keys are now useless :(

In the time that has passed, we had four new people added to the staff team, and two new promotions. @AhVeryNice and @GummieBear047 were both promoted to admin. The former is the head of the Build Team, while the latter is the head of bans, who replaces @Stevenbf3 as he decided to resign. @NaoRiko, @instinct , @AstroPizza, and @xSilencers. Nao, Instinct and xSilencers are helpers, while Pizza is now admin. His admin position is event manager, meaning he is the one now doing events.

On the topic of events, a KitPvP event happened, and currently happening is a building event called King’s Castles! You can find a link to the page about it here: YOU CAN STILL ENTER!

That is all I have to report. See you all again in two weeks!

(PS: I was gone for a long time. If I missed anything, tell me down below. :))
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*You find a scroll. It reads as follows*


This scroll is an official message from the King of The Land of Shadowblockz!

He is calling out to all architects, builders, and dreamers to construct a new castle design for him! He is asking that you do it on a plot gives FREE to each citizen in the build of creativity!

To acquire a plot, you can either do /plot claim to get the plot you are currently standing on, or you can do /plot auto to claim a random plot. Do /plot help claiming for more information

You must sign up on the royal sheet of information for it to be judged. A magical passage to it can be found here (or here:

He expects all building to begin on Saturday the 25th. The King expects the best work from all, and as so he gives FIVE DAYS to complete all buildings. Because the King expects members from all the lands to attend, he leaves a list of zones of time, it is as follows;

CST ~ Saturday the 25th, 2pm ~Wednesday the 29th, 2pm.

EST ~ Saturday the 25th 3pm ~ Wednesday the 29th, 3pm.

GMT ~ Saturday the 25th, 7pm ~ Wednesday the 29th, 7pm.

If your time is not listed, the King offers a wonderful magic source to find your specific time, which can be found here (or here:

The King only lists three rules!

  • Building must be made out of NO 1.9+ blocks. (King ain’t like these)
  • Building must follow the rules of the land!
  • Building must be of, or related to a castle.
The King has put together a judging party, and has instructed them to look for these things;

  • Interior decoration
  • Exterior decoration
  • Landscaping

The King is willing to issue these prizes to the top three castles his judging party likes the most!

1st: 3000 Tokens (Split evenly by amount of people in group)

2nd: 2000 Tokens (Split evenly by amount of people in group)

3rd 1000 Tokens (Split evenly by amount of people in group)

Other then this, there is nothing else to be said! The King wishes the best of luck to all, and cannot wait to see whom the winner shall be!

  • The King’s royal assistant, speaking in for the King of Shadowblockz.

(PS: The entire plot can be used. There is no height limit, but you can only use the one plot. Ask any other questions below, and they will be answered.)
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After 2 hours of action-packed fun, the day must draw to a close.

Thank you to all that participated today.
The tournament ran very smoothly and I thank you all for allowing that to happen. Without your brilliant cooperation, none of this would have been possible.
No matter If that be from playing to watching - you all helped make today amazing!
Of course a huge congratulations to our winner, Punishermatty!
Very Honourable mentions go to both Sgt (2nd) and CommunistSnake (3rd)

You're all absolute legends.
I can't properly put into words how happy I am - finally, I feel like a proper part of this community.
Arguably the most fun I've ever had on the server, (and this is coming from the guy who didn't even play!)
Your joy fills me with joy. I hope you all also had a great day; at the end of it all, that's exactly what it's about... you! It doesn't matter if we never had money problems again (although that would be nice.) When you simply break it down to why this server is really here it's so we can all enjoy ourselves - as one big happy community!
This has been a learning experience for me, one that will hopefully benefit all of us.
Here to many more events to come!

If you want to leave any feedback regarding the tournament, please do so here:

You guys are awesome!

Admin & Event Manager