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    Hi there! o/

    This will be a short post summarising the situation with both KitPVP and Skyblock.

    First of all today we have to say goodbye to our beloved Skyblock server. Due to our current funding situation, adding another server like KitPVP (a server where we believe the network can benefit greatly from) means we'll have to interchange servers; this meaning Skyblock will be temporarily disabled once KitPVP launches. Skyblock isn't officially gone forever, and may return in the future.

    KitPVP is opening it's doors to all MVP/MVP+ players for a beta week before it's launch on Friday 15th September 2017. The data from the beta week will be reset before the official release on Friday since it's just a beta, and is mainly to help find bugs and get the server ready for release. KitPVP supports 1.7.x - 1.12.x , however it is recommended you use 1.7/1.8 for the best experience.

    Not MVP/MVP+? We're hosting yet another sale on our store! You can now get up to 40% OFF EVERYTHING on our store. Now's the best time to purchase an upgrade to gain access to the new KitPVP donor perks! Click HERE to visit our store.

    We encourage MVP/MVP+ players to report any bugs they find on KitPVP in the bug reports section of the forums HERE.

    We hope MVP/MVP+ players enjoy their week, and we look forward to releasing KitPVP to everyone else on Friday!
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