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    Aug 8, 2013

    It's time to introduce a new Rank to the Shadowblockz Store! As can be predicted from the previous naming convention used, the new rank will be called "MVP+". This rank is an improvement on the previous MVP rank and provides players with various perks and kits across all servers in the network. We're hoping to treat this new rank as a fundraiser to keep Shadowblockz alive, so if the thought of a shiny new rank interests you be sure to take advantage of the Spring 40% OFF Sale!

    If you're a first time buyer, you can purchase MVP+ from our store on the Ranks page.
    If you already have a rank, you can upgrade your rank to MVP+ on our Upgrade page.

    You can view all the perks for MVP+ and all the other ranks on our Rank Chart, put together by @GummieBear047.

    Please take note that as with all ranks when they're introduced, more perks will be added over the upcoming weeks. When purchasing a rank you only have make a single purchase, then you'll have the rank forever and be given any perks we add in the future. As the majority of our players are currently playing on the new Towns 2.0 server, there are more perks for Towns than other servers. More perks will be added to other servers if/when they gain popularity. We thank all our donors for supporting Shadowblockz and keeping us alive.
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