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Should we actually reset

  1. Yes! I agree with everything you said and we should reset on new years eve or new years day!

  2. No, I think we should reset in another 6-12 months!

  3. No, I dont think we should reset any time within the next 6-12 months / at all.


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  1. LunaAlive

    LunaAlive New Member

    Oct 13, 2017
    Hello fellow human beings, ik you are all probably tired o everyone saying that there should be a reset soon... And I'm now going to be one of those people!

    OK, so, first off I am actually gonna use some parts of other people posts- I will give them credit.

    So the bits I like about Harryimp's and SlyPrince's posts are the bits where they talk about the time of reset and some of the new additions we could make:

    This is meaning from all the spawners; not only is it lagging the server it's making the first 4 people in /baltop add up to 1 Billion. This is making the server not as fun because of all the others who can't afford spawners, wont have money like others to. I think that we should go back to normal minecraft, when spawners weren't used from shops you would just be lucky to find them under ground, our spawners should be found underground and not bought. The sources of money now should be, farming and making shops. Some people may disagree with this bit because we are talking about xp, yes spawners give you xp but when you vote you get 16 bottles of enchanting isn't that enough?
    Marriage is also a very good idea, we did have that on creative and I thought it was quite nice having relationships to the game witch make it more fun because of role play. Crate keys and tokens, should be able to be bought from the /buy store! As kitpvp has recently gone I think that we should take into consideration about adding pvp places at spawn to make it feel more like Towny again. Not everyone is voting are they? Voting rewards should be better to make people vote more and to make our server (Sbn) go up higher on planetminecraft charts! In my opinion every month or two any staff member should choose a town (they can't be in it) and the best would have an opportunity to get a free rank, if they already have a rank they should give it to someone else in their town etc. All that I have said so far was all of what Slyprince has said in more detail. Lets move on to what I think. Free ranks should be given out for competitions, it's very rare that you earn free ranks on this server so I think we can make an improvement on this. A reset should be made, as the server has been made to be just towns! The economy on this server is great, but do we want to ruin it?

    So I've put together a list of suggestions I've collected from the community, feel free to disagree, agree or just discuss them.

    - Remove spawners that aren't naturally generated
    - Increase crop selling prices
    - Increase job payments
    - Spawn eggs for non-hostile mobs in the shop
    - Player marketplace(s)

    - Stair seats
    - Interactive World Map
    - XP Bottling
    - Chisel and bit/Player Statues
    - Marriage
    - Coloured signs
    - Player warps
    - Carpenter's Blocks Mod

    Server Store
    - Purchasable town claims
    - Crate keys

    Extra Features
    - Increased nation claims bonus limit (eg up to 280 bonus, at 160 residents)
    - Increasing town upkeep, based on size
    - Bi-monthly end and nether reset, with towny claims disabled in both worlds
    - Return of /warp pvp
    - More custom enchants in crates

    - Reintroduction of rankup for #1 Top Voter
    - Increased voting rewards
    - Monthly showcase of the most interesting towns and/or projects

    Opinion time:

    I think that these are some of the best few posts I have seen so far, as they describe in detail what is good about an early reset and what we could do to make it more enjoyable for all the other players that come across ShadowBlockz. I know that some other people have posted things about resets but I couldn't find them... so yea.

    What I think should happen/ things that could be useful for staff/DJ:

    Right, so I think that everyone posts include everything that I would have included so here's some extra info on what i think could improve.

    1) I know Ill get hate for this but staff and everyone else who can should get on the server more and advertise! On the 3rd of December 2017 there were so many people online that I nearly cried, I was so happy as It seemed like a few years ago when the server was filled with players.Please, Everyone, get on you're computers and come on SBN because we are gonna revive the economy with some more challenges/competitions! (also its nearly Christmas)SO GET UR BUTT ONLINE!!!

    2) I think that in order to give staff and DJ time to think we should Reset sooner rather than later but ( as I said) give them time to think. We should reset on the 31/ 12/ 17 , 25/ 12/ 17 or for even more time! 1/ 1/ 18!!!

    And if ur feelin spicy... 3) Add some events to keep us occupied whilst you add a few new active staff members to keep your ( at most) around ten online players under control as we fight each other to the death over whether there will be a reset or not!


    ~ HarryImp
    ~ SlyPrince
    ~ Everyone else who made a post about #ResetSoon

    Ty <3 Pce
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  2. MineHero43

    MineHero43 Retired Staff

    Jun 25, 2014
  3. TheImpGaming

    TheImpGaming New Member

    Dec 3, 2017
    Very nice, detailed points in there. It would be nice to get a sense of old ShadowBlockz, as MineHero said for 40+ players joining our server. I liked your points there and I agree that the reset should be Christmas or New Years day. Some valid points there you got an amazing from me, you should post more to explain your thoughts.
  4. Infamously

    Infamously Well-Known Member

    Jun 22, 2016
    All except take away spawners if u take those away even more ppl will quit
  5. TheImpGaming

    TheImpGaming New Member

    Dec 3, 2017
    Good point, but then it makes the game to op and slightly boring. It's just a race, who can afk and grind the most to get baltop.
    But valid point people will leave.
  6. Vern

    Vern Badmin

    Jul 14, 2016
    Yet again some more great suggestions from the community, hope to see some (if not, most) added if DJ has the development time :)
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