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    Aug 8, 2013
    Today I bring news that may be sad for some, the reduction of the amount of server on Shadowblockz. Due to funding issues, we have to (temporarily) remove two servers from the network. As voted by the community in our latest Poll and after discussing this with the community on Discord, these servers will be Factions & KitPVP.

    This may only be temporary depending on the revenue generated by Shadowblockz, however for now Factions and KitPVP have been deactivated. In the event we have the funds to run these two servers again everything will be exactly the way you left it.

    It will be sad to say goodbye (temporarily) to KitPVP, however there are upsides to this. Due to the reduction of servers content can be focused more intensely on the fewer amount of servers, meaning there'll be more content more frequently. It also means there'll be more players on such servers to chat to, instead of servers being empty. Finally, it means that more performance can be assigned to the servers so you may feel an increase in performance on Towns and a lower chance of possible downtime.

    Towns was recently voted the communities favourite server, so we will be focusing our efforts on new content and improvements to Towns. If you have any suggestions or bug reports please report them on the forums.
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